Who Are We?

We're a bunch of runners.

Also, we're a bunch of people looking to do some good for the world. We try to raise money for local, national, and international charity organizations.

To this end, we often enter charity races such as the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge. We are currently examining ways of expanding our fund raising efforts.

The Giraffes (that's a collective noun) is a running club primarily based in Northern New Jersey. Being in such close proximity to New York City, the Giraffes often participate in NYRR events such as the Fred Lebow Classic, the Al Gordon Snowflake run, and the Brooklyn Half-Marathon.

You may be asking, "How do these NYRR races fit in with their fundraising efforts?" It's simple really. Many of the NYRR events are designed to raise money and awareness for various organizations. The New York Colon Cancer Challenge and the Run as One events raise funding for colon cancer and lung cancer research and treatment, for example.

In addition to running events, The Giraffes get together for other social activities such hiking, dinners, movies, visits to museums, and of course the traditional post-race brunch.

If you're thinking of joining a running team and you'd like to help out some good causes, feel free to join us. We'd be happy to have you as a member of the team. Visit the contact page for more information.